Aozi Dry Lamb Organic Puppy 2.5kg DIYH ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

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Product details of Aozi Dry Lamb Organic Puppy 2.5 kg


  • The meat used by pet food is up to the freshness standard rich in high-quality protein, make the food delicious and nutrients.
  • The fruits and vegetables are up to the freshness standard, in a variety of vegetables and fruits instead of grain, make the dog skin and stomach healthier.
  • Finely selected cod liver oil in proper proportion can improve metabolism and immune system, helping dog eliminate hair bulb from the body.
  • Selection of whole grains provides enough protein, making pets quite energetic.
  • Optimal yolks and spinach rich in many kinds of trace elements and vitamins adding the Omega 3 & 6 in balance, unique brightening hair formula.
  • Helps puppies establish their immune system added well-developed antioxidant complex enhancing the disease resistance of pets.
  • For strong bones and healthy growth, design for cleaning teeth strong joints.

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