Aozi Dry Pink Cat Food 2.5kg DIYH ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

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Product details of Aozi Dry Pink Cat Food 2.5 kg


  • Aozi is a pure natural organic food
  • Cat food easy to digest, protect intestine and stomach
  • The meat used by Aozi pet food is delicious and nutritious and up to the freshness standard.
  • Fruits and vegetables are up to the freshness standard and with balanced nutrients.
  • Select deep-sea fish providing enough protein, fat, nutrients and energy.
  • Low allergic and high-quality beef, for cats with allergic constitution.
  • Improves immunity - Helps cats to establish their own immune systems. With exclusive antioxidant complex substance, -Oligosaccharide FOS strenghten the pets ability of resisting diseases.
  • Healthy skin and bright hair- The vitamins in fruits and vegetables are helpful for the health of epithelium. Nourish -epidermis and subcutis. Make hair glossy and bright.

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