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Houswell Uty Rop 2Mmx15M 2 130851

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DESCRIPTION - Housewell Utility Rope is a must-have item for every home, farm, car, truck, marine, canoe, well, flagpole, backpack, & gear collection. The moving, swing, knot tying rope is a heavy industry duty, made of tough polypropylene & capable of withstanding damage from the weather. The durable flag pole rope is a clean white color that will not detract from the colors of your high-flying flag.

QUALITY - Our outdoor rope is specially treated to resist sun and weather damages, is abrasion resistant. Even though water can weaken the strength of polypropylene, this effect is so slight that it is still commonly used for mooring & anchor boat ropes. In fact, this waterproof rope is a great choice for any tie-down because it is low stretch and does not lose strength even when wet. The all-around durability of the rope makes it useful for any job in any situation.