Turtle Wax Auto Detailing Clay Bar

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Size: TWA0175 Fine
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Product Details and Specifications

Turtle Wax Auto Detailing Clay Bar TWA174 Medium / TWA175 Fine 

Fine Grade deep cleans and remover surface contaminants like tree sap mist, bug residue, tar, and other stubborn dirt that normal washing won't get rid of. The clay leaves the surface clean and smooth. It is safe for all auto surfaces including glass and chrome.


Work in the shade and make sure your vehicle's surface is completely dry and cool to the touch. Thoroughly wash your vehicle with Turtle Wax Car Wash. Drying the vehicle is not necessary. Year off a piece of the detailing clay and place the rest of the clay back in the container. Spray a lubricant or spray detailing on the car surface and then on the piece of detailing clay then work the lubricant into the detailing clay itself. Using moderate pressure, glide the clay across the surface of the vehicle in smooth lateral motions. If the clay begins to stick apply more lubricant to the vehicle and the clay. Repeat these steps all around the vehicle, one panel at a time. Once the entire car has been treated, rewash the car and wipe it dry. Finally apply Turtle Wax, polish or sealant on the entire vehicle.


If the clay is ever dropped on the ground throw it away and use a new piece. Using clay that has been dropped on the ground will scratch your paint. Remember to wax, polish or seal the vehicle after every use of the Turtle Wax Auto Detailing Clay Bar - Fine Grade.

Turtle Tip:

This clay bar can be used in every wash or waxing treatment. For best result, use with your favorite Turtle Wax products.


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