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Winstar Sold Iron 40W Wst40

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Soldering irons are hand-held tools that are used to apply heat through a metal tip, enabling the melting of solder wire in order to create fixings and perform small welding operations. Melting solder helps it to flow into the joint between the heating element and a piece of work, with this then becoming a strong join once the solder has cooled and hardened.

Soldering irons are usually supplied with a stand so that the heated iron can be safely secured while not in operation, rather than risking potential damage by putting the tool down directly on the work surface.

Soldering irons are used in a variety of applications, including pyrography, electronics assembly, workshops, repairing components and creating detailed artwork. They are commonly used in the assembly of PCB boards and can be used to repair electronic components within a larger system.

Available in:

40 Watts

60 Watts