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Organizing Your Home: Declutter Your Space With These 10 Affordable Storage Solutions 

Organizing Your Home: Declutter Your Space With These 10 Affordable Storage Solutions 

Our homes go through a seemingly endless process of sprucing up, organization and reorganization. 

It may seem like a tedious task, but it is a necessary one if we wish to keep our spaces looking clean and organized. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with an itch to consistently and constantly organize our homes. For many of us, cleaning and organizing homes is an endeavor that takes a lot of work and effort. However, when the clutter in our home hits a fever pitch (and not necessarily in a good way), it is high time to incorporate some effective storage solutions. After all, a place for everything and everything in place is what every clean and organized home should strive for. 

Luckily for you, there is a slew of storage solutions you can do to ensure your homes stay organized and clutter-free. With the right organizing products, you can achieve a clutter-free home. As some of us are not gifted with the much-coveted excess of storage spaces, we need to make do with what we have. Fortunately, there is a myriad of ways to store all of your essentials. So, if your home is seemingly overrun with clutter, you may want to take this opportunity to take charge once and for all. Wrangle the situation and get to the top of the situation. Below are some storage techniques and ideas designed to organize and streamline even the messiest and most cluttered areas in your homes.

1.) Put Laundry Supplies in Containers 


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Invest in quality containers that come in different sizes to fit various areas in your home. Storage products such as megabox, megabox storage, or megabox cabinets are great buys and would work well practically in any area of your home. You can use these to store your laundry supplies in these containers. Likewise, you may want to use these same storage boxes for anything else you may want to store at home. With their utilitarian storage purpose, you can practically store anything in them and organize various areas in your house. 

2.) Opt for a Freestanding Closet 



Not all of us are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet. However, that does not mean our spaces have to suffer. So, whether your tiny closet is already seemingly stuffed or you do not have a closet in your bedroom at all, a freestanding clothing rack might offer your space some relief. You may think that having it out in the open may be somewhat of an eyesore. However, this may just compel you to keep your clothes nice and organized instead of having an avalanche clothing pile elsewhere in your room. 

3.) Hide Cleaning Supplies 



Free up some space by hiding your cleaning supplies in their intended storage areas. Show them a little bit of TLC by staying organized with a simple wire wall mount rack and caddy. Bear in mind that you do not need a dedicated closet to store these away—just be sure that they are out of sight. 

4.) Mount Your Bikes As Decor 


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In lieu of leaving them in your garage, where they will be taking space, consider turning your bikes as living room decor. In that way, it will serve a dual purpose and may even be somewhat of a conversational piece for visitors. 

5.) Display Magazines on the Wall 

Likewise, you may want to display your magazines on the Wall instead of stacking them on tabletops and counters where they will only make the space look busy. Magazine racks and holders can instantly add flair and drama to a room. Moreover, they are perfect for reading nooks where square footage is minimal. Be sure to choose slim shelves and go vertical in storing your magazines. 

6.) Roll Up a Cart 


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While storage shelves and cabinets are great storage options, installing them can take some time and effort. So, in lieu of installing custom shelves, roll up a tiny bar cart instead and give your linens or other bathroom toiletries a nesting area. It can also double up as a rolling table for flowers in your guest bathroom or powder room. The lower level can serve as a storage area for towels, soaps, and other products, while the upper level can hold purely decorative items. 

7.) Tuck Items Behind Closed Doors 

Bathroom necessities such as extra towels, beauty products, and other extraneous items can be tucked away in a cabinet. Just be sure to cove things such as tissue boxes in prettier covers to dress them up and make them look a little more presentable. Similarly, you may want to consider having a towel rack above the toilet as it will maximize the space and ensure that your bathroom linens stay organized (and dry) when you need them). 

8.) Label Your Cooking Ingredients

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Keep all of your spices and cooking ingredients such as rice, flour, pasta in an area that is easy to reach. To ensure you never mix them up. Label them as well and make sure labels are facing front. In this way, you can stay organized without being confused as to which ingredient is which. 

9.) Organize Your Drawers 

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To ensure your drawers stay organized, get drawer organizers. In this way, you can keep each item separate, in place, and easier to find shall you need it. Opt for trays that are stylish and sleek for a barely-there look. 

10.) Hand a Curtain to Cover Under the Sink 



The space under your kitchen can be quite cluttered and disorganized. If this area is exposed, you would not want anyone seeing it. However, there is no need to splurge on custom cabinetry. Simply repurpose your old linens and hang it as a curtain. You can then go the extra mile by adding extra hooks to add other items such as pots, pans, and even mugs. 




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