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Power Cleaning: Best Pressure Washers Available in The Philippines

Power Cleaning: Best Pressure Washers Available in The Philippines

Keeping our homes clean is imperative in ensuring the health of its inhabitants. 

While regular sprucing up requires simple dusting, a little organization, and maybe hosing down outdoor areas, a deep clean is an entirely different ball game. This is especially true in areas where dust has solidified and has become quite difficult to remove. Spraying them with water and scrubbing them may work, but it takes much of your time and requires a lot of cleaning effort. So, how do we address the stubborn grime stuck to the walls and floors of our home? 

With a pressure washer, of course! Ever since their cleaning prowess made waves on the Internet with various videos showcasing its power washing capability, power washers have become a staple in most homes—and it is understandable why. Power washers or high-pressure washers can cut through anything in little to no time and require almost no effort to use. That said, homeowners who wish to keep their exterior floors and walls immaculate would inevitably want one. 

Before we dive into choosing which pressure washers we should have for our deep cleaning needs, knowing their various uses is paramount. 


Contrary to what most people believe, pressure washers are not exclusively used for cleaning floors and walls. In fact, their use extends to cleaning an array of everyday household items insomuch that owning one would definitely come in handy. 

1.) Cleaning your grills 

While some people may balk at the idea of pressure cleaning their BBQ grill, it has been shown that when done correctly, it actually works. Be sure to proceed with caution, however, so as to avoid damaging the electrics or soapy tasting food. Check out instruction videos and your unit’s manual first before power washing your grills. 

2.) Hosing down plastic furniture 

Cleaning plastic, wood, or vinyl furniture is one of the known uses of pressure washers. This is particularly true if said furniture is part of an outdoor patio set. Once you use your pressure washer on these furniture items, you will be amazed at the results as they would all look seemingly new. 

3.) Car cleaning 

Another great use of power washers is cleaning cars or any vehicle at all. Power washers come in handy as they are capable of removing stubborn grime on your cars that may have been caused by driving through muddy terrains. That said, be sure to research beforehand the best practices in cleaning your car with a pressure washer. Also, be sure that you are using only the right soaps. 

4.) Sprucing up home exteriors (and window cleaning) 

All of us will agree that a house looks so much better when it is clean—and this does not only apply to a house’s interior but the exteriors as well. Over time, your house’s siding will accumulate dirt and grime. If left unclean, it can make your home look old and dated. Luckily, pressure washers can address those stubborn spots and make them clean and like new again. 

5.) Deep-cleaning stairs and walkways 

Curb appeal is paramount—especially when you are trying to sell your home. Your home’s front entrance gives your guests and visitors an impression of what the rest of the home will look like. That said, you would want it to be as clean as possible. Sure, you may choose to clean your front walkways and stairs traditionally, but why waste all that effort when a pressure washer can achieve even better results in just ten minutes? 


Now that you have an idea about the different uses of a pressure washer, it is time to decide which method of power you will be utilizing: a gas engine or electric motor. If your cleaning jobs are relatively light that do not typically extend beyond thirty minutes of washing; you will fare better with an electric motor. Light cleaning jobs for your pressure washer include cleaning your car or front porch. 

However, if your cleaning sessions last more than an hour, you may want to invest in a pressure washer powered by a gas engine—deep cleaning sessions such as cleaning a tall house and the like fall into this category. Similarly, gas engine-powered pressure washers are useful if you need to blast off thick moss, hardened mud, or greasy, heavy equipment. 


After deciding between gas engine or electric-powered pressure washers, it is time to pick out the best pressure washer that fits your cleaning needs. Below are four of the best pressure washers available in the country: 



1.) Lotus Pressure Washer 1400 Watts LPW 1450 



Buy Lotus Pressure Washer 1400 Watts LPW 1450 online today

Lotus Pressure Washer is perfect for homes with a 1400 W powerful motor and 100 bar max pressure. The pressure washer has a cast aluminum pump and comes with a self-priming and auto-stop system. 

Additionally, the Lotus Pressure washer’s sleek and unique onboard storage design makes it a crowd favorite. 

2.) Vistron High-Pressure Washer QL2001G QL2190P 

Buy Vistron High Pressure Washer QL2001G QL2190P Online Today

Vistron High-Pressure Washers are some of the most affordable but effective pressure washers available in the market. This particular design has a pressure of 7MPa (70 Bar) and a flow of six liters per minute. It comes with an induction motor, spray gun, and spray nozzle. 

3.) Vistron High-Pressure Washer ABW70P 

Buy Vistron High Pressure Washer ABW70P Online Today

One of the most affordable pressure washers available in the market, the Vistron ABQ70P is perfect for homeowners with small-scale cleaning needs. It has a 70 PSI, runs on Carbon Motor, and has a flow of 51/min. 

4.) Black and Decker Pressure Washer PW1400S

Buy Black & Decker Pressure Washer PW1400S Online Today

The Black and Decker Pressure Washer is undoubtedly the most powerful pressure washer among the bunch. It comes with a three axial-piston wobble plate pump and an automatic safety valve with a low-pressure by-pass. Also, the pressure washer has an inspectable water filter feature, a built-in detergent suction, and an ergonomic handle (Trigger gun with quick connection) to better suit your pressure washing and cleaning needs. 


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