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10 Best Equipment to Kickstart Your Instagram Restaurant

10 Best Equipment to Kickstart Your Instagram Restaurant

During this pandemic, a lot of Filipinos stress about not having enough income to support their families. Thousands of resourceful and creative Filipino sellers emerged during this time of crisis to cope up with the loss of income due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some Filipinos resulted to selling items online. Others turned their home-cooked meals into a business on Instagram.

If you want to get into the Instagram restaurant craze and do not have the right equipment, here are 10 best equipment to kickstart your Instagram restaurant!


In need of an oven that cooks efficiently? Kyowa's convection oven provides you a solution to your problem. With this, the heat regulates around the oven more unlike regular ovens. This way, your meals will be cooked faster.

Price: P1,799.00




Hanabishi's Hand Mixer offers you a stress-free experience for your baking needs. With the 5-speed control along with the turbo option, mixing up ingredients is now easier than ever. The thumb tip control of Hanabishi gives you full control of your mixing needs.

Price: P824.50


3. Hanabishi 2 Door Refrigerator

Scared that your ingredients will spoil? No worries! Hanabishi's 2 Door Refrigerator keeps your food safe and sound. This fridge gives you 2 in 1 deal since you get a freezer and a refrigerator at the same time. 

Price: P11,265.00


4. Asahi Rice Cooker 10 Cups


Does your online restaurant serve rice? Look no further. Asahi's top of the line rice cooker has a built-in steamer tray and rice scoop holder, dew collector, and measuring cups so you do not have to buy everything as extra. You can cook rice, or you can just keep them warm with Asahi's cook and keep warm function!

Price: P1,519.50


5. Kyowa Electric Steamer


Kyowa's Electric Steamer provides you with an ideal solution if your food requires steaming. With 10.1L steamer tray capacity and 1.3L water tank capacity, you can cook a lot of your meals at the same time. Egg holder and rice bowl are included in this electric steamer at such a low price.

Price: P1,609.00


6. Hanabishi Induction Cooker

Hate the boring old gas stove that cooks inefficiently? Hanabishi's Induction Stove lets you cook twice as efficient than gas stoves. Also, induction cookers are more energy-efficient as compared to gas stoves. With the built-in timer control, you can cook and leave your food behind without having to worry about burning the food!

Price: P2,209.50


7. Hanabishi Gas Stove Double Burner

But if you prefer the traditional stove, we still got the perfect fit for you. This stainless top stove lets you cook without any worries on rusts. Equipped with double burners, you can cook different meals at the same time!

Price: P1,129.50


8. Kyowa Juice Extractor

You want to add juices and shakes to your online restaurant's menu? Kyowa's Juice Extractor lets you do all that without any stress. With a 750ml capacity, you will be able to provide lots of drinks for your customers in one go.

Price: P1,899.00


9. Kyowa Air Fryer

Do you serve or want to serve healthy fried food? This air fryer lets you cook with less oil which can be perfect for you and your customer's body goals. With 3 liters capacity, you will be able to cook at larger quantities than before. Equipped with Rapid Air Technology, you can cook for faster cooking.

Price: P2,809.50


10. Kyowa Microwave Oven

Need to reheat the food that will be sent to your customers? Kyowa's Microwave Oven does the job. With 20 liters capacity, you will be heating food at larger quantities.

Price: P3,099.50


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