ARMOR ALL Gloss Protectant 300ml

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The ARMOR ALL Gloss Protectant in a 300ml size offers high-quality cleaning and protection for various surfaces. Here are its key features and usage tips: High-Quality Formula: Provides effective cleaning by removing grime and debris that can accumulate on surfaces. Offers protection against the harmful effects of ozone, oxygen, and ultraviolet radiation, helping to prevent damage and deterioration. Surface Protection: Helps prevent cracking, fading, discoloration, and premature aging of surfaces, maintaining their appearance and condition over time. Suitable for use on various materials, including vinyl, rubber, and plastic. Enhanced Appearance: Enhances the deep, rich look of surfaces and adds a beautiful shine, revitalizing their appearance. Can be used on both vehicle interiors and exteriors, as well as in non-automotive applications. Versatile Usage: Ideal for vehicle interiors, including dashboard, leather and vinyl seats, rubber seals, door panels, and more. Suitable for vehicle exteriors, such as tyre sidewalls, bumpers, vinyl convertible hoods, and door mouldings. Can also be used indoors on leather and vinyl furniture, luggage, and outdoors on boats, sports equipment, patio furniture, and more. Application Directions: Shake well before use. Apply liberally to a clean cloth and spread evenly on the surface, or spray directly onto the surface. Wipe off excess product and reapply as needed to maintain surface appearance and protection. Tips: Exterior plastic and rubber surfaces are also susceptible to UV damage, so it's essential to protect them regularly to maintain their appearance. Use the ARMOR ALL Gloss Protectant during car washes to keep the exterior surfaces looking great.

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