CALIFORNIA SCENTS Novelty Sun Spinner Car Air Freshener Vent Clip - Coronado Cherry Scent

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The CALIFORNIA SCENTS Novelty Sun Spinner Car Air Freshener Vent Clip in Coronado Cherry scent offers a powerful and long-lasting fragrance experience for your vehicle. Here are its key features: Key Features: Innovative Spinning Action: Features an innovative spinning action that enhances fragrance distribution for up to 3X more fragrance compared to a single California Scents vent stick. Long-Lasting Scent: Fills your car with the delightful and long-lasting scent of dark cherries, tart cherries, and bitter almonds, creating a pleasant driving experience. California-Inspired Design: The air freshener boasts a unique sun shape and vibrant colors, adding a touch of California-inspired style and personality to your vehicle's interior. Versatile Application: Easily attach the vent clip to an interior vent in your car to increase airflow and activate the spinning action. Additionally, you can clip the air freshener to a fan for instant fragrance in other spaces such as office cubicles, home gyms, closets, and more. Enjoy the refreshing scent of Coronado Cherry while adding a touch of style to your vehicle or other personal spaces with this innovative air freshener vent clip.

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