Cleans Up All Purpose Rag Strong and Highly Absorbent

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Strong and Highly Absorbent

-Soft and Lint free

-Machine Washable

-Ideal for: Wiping off spills, countertops, grillers, sinks, cars, appliances, windows, dusting, and many more!

-Suitable for home, kitchen, bathroom, cars, and commerical use.



-Product Dimensions: 400mm x 325mm

-Weight: 38g

-Materials: Viscose Fiber, Polyester Fiber


Proper Use

-Rinse and dry thoroughly after every use to keep your Cleans-Up All Purpose Rag longer and fresher.

-Replace rag every week to 1 month for best results depending on usage.

-Note: Bacteria and mold can form in rags if not replaced.

-See Packaging for Machine Washing instructions

-Odor indicates presence of bacteria, if it starts to have a smell, make sure to replace.

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