Doggyman Moist Shampoo Wipes for Dog 28 pcs

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Dimension: 30*20cm


▷ Sufficient moisture, thick and durable.

▷ No alcohol, propylene glycol and parabens.

▷ Refreshing soap fragrance smell.

▷ The mesh structure effectively removes stains from the pet's hair.

▷ Preparation and Usage Apply for cats.

▷ Before using the product, please comb your pet's hair to avoid hair knot.

▷ Please wipe the pet's body. (Avoid mount and inner ear parts).

▷ Please comb your pet's hair again after use wipes.

▷ Tear off the top adhesive seal and pull our 1pc wipe at a time and keep sealed after use to avoid water evaporation.



✓For care of old dogs.

✓When cold season or inconvenient to bathe with wipe.

✓When the pet has a bad smell.

✓In the middle time of the two baths.

✓When the pet is not comfortable and inconvenient for a bath.

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