Elmers Glue All 40ml White E375PH

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Product details of Elmers Glue All 40ml White E375PH

  • Safe, non-toxic and quick drying formula
  • Perfect for crafts, repairs and projects
  • Great for creating slime anywhere
  • Multi-purpose glue
  • 40 ml, white

Whether it's for crafts, school, or even slime, Elmer's Liquid Glue brings any project to life. Safe, washable, and non-toxic, it's no wonder Elmer's is trusted by parents and teachers alike

ELMER'S Glue-All is an all-purpose , non-toxic white glue that dries fast and clear, and won't stain

Strong bonding makes ELMER'S Glue-All ideal for household repairs, craft and school projects, and workshop applications. What's more, the classic white glue look is ideal for making glue slime so you enjoy hours of safe and family-friendly fun. It is an all-purpose glue that contains more glue solids for a stronger bond.

It washes easily from brushes, clothing, and fingers. It safe, non toxic white glue that dries fast and clear, and won't leave a stain.

With a long history of quality, Glue-All is the most trusted brand of multi-purpose glues. It’s the glue every household needs and the one you won’t want to be without! Go Ahead. Glue All.

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