Eveready Dolphin Mini Flashlight With Battery Dolh412

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Tough Durable and reliable construction for use in demanding situations Non slip handle and lanyard loop for safe and secure grip Floating for easy recovery in water 75 Lumens for 27 hours runtime with a 65m Beam Distance Waterproof to withstand any weather conditions Designed for a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities, the Eveready Dolphin Mini is a bright, tough and waterproof light that is uniquely designed with floating capabilities. Features the latest in LED technology to generate a bright light at an optimal distance. The robust and durable construction enable it to withstand even extreme situations. In addition, the light features ReadyFlex technology enabling the light to power on by using 2 or 4 AA batteries to maximise runtime. Users can count on Eveready Dolphin Mini in even the most demanding environments.

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