Omni LED Lite Bulb Daylight E27 1.5W

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Omni LED Bulb E27

Available Color: Daylight
Available Watts: 3w, 6w, 9w, 12w, 15w

Rated Voltage: 220-240v
220 Degrees Super Wide Angle
Up to 85% energy savings
Concealed aluminum heat sink enveloped in heat absorbing compound
Enclosed in polycarbonate plastic that is impact and head resistant
Lights up instantly compared to CFL
Not affected by frequency of ON and OFF
High color rendering index
SMD LED technology
Less heat emission
FCC,CE and RoHS compliant
20,000 hours of operations

Operating Instructions:
Do not disassemble or modify the bulb
Do not operate with dimmer, timer, and inductive switch
Not suitable to be used with enclosed casings
Use only with the right voltage requirement as per product specification
Do not use in places that are directly exposed to moisture
Do not look directly into LED
Switch off the power during installation and make sure that the lamp is mounted properly into the socket
Clean the product only with dry cloth

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