Omni Push Button Switch 10A PBS-310-PK

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Push Button Switch 10A 250V 3 Pole ( Omni)

- In industrial and commercial applications, push buttons can be connected together by a mechanical linkage so that the act of pushing one button causes the other button to be released

- In this way, a stop button can "force" a start button to be released.

- This method of linkage is used in simple manual operations in which the machine or process has no electrical circuits for control

- Red pushbuttons can also have large heads (called mushroom heads) for easy operation and to facilitate the stopping of a machine

- These pushbuttons are called emergency stop buttons and for increased safety are mandated by the electrical code in many jurisdictions

- This large mushroom shape can also be found in buttons for use with operators who need to wear gloves for their work and could not actuate a regular flush-mounted push button

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