OMNI Side Access Multiple Socket Adapter - WDA004, WDA006

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Size: 4gang - WDA004
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The OMNI Side Access Multiple Socket Adapter, available in models WDA-004 and WDA-006, offers convenient and organized power solutions for your home or office. Here are the key features and specifications: Model Options: WDA-004: 4 Gang Regular Outlet with Ground WDA-006: 6 Gang Regular Outlet with Ground Design: Designed with a Side Access Outlet for space-saving and organized plugs and cords arrangement. Provides 3 to 5 extra outlets from the wall socket outlet for increased usage convenience. Usage: Suitable for indoor use in homes or offices. Ideal for powering table lamps, cellphone chargers, printers, and small electrical appliances with or without grounding pins. Specifications: Rated Power: 10A, 250Vac, Maximum of 2,500W Material: Fire & Heat Resistant ABS Plastic for enhanced safety. Contacts: Copper/Brass for efficient conductivity and durability. Fire & Heat Resistance: Ensures safe and reliable operation. No. of Outlets: 4 or 6 Gang Regular Outlets with Ground, depending on the model. Safety Note: Always ensure that the total power consumption of connected devices does not exceed the maximum rated power of the adapter to prevent overloading and potential hazards. Use caution when handling electrical appliances and cords and ensure proper grounding for added safety. The OMNI Side Access Multiple Socket Adapter provides a convenient and safe solution for expanding power outlets while maintaining a tidy and organized setup.

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