SENTRY Dual Microphone Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker Wireless Karaoke Set Family Outdoor Party (YS-203)

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✅Button function details:

1.Power/Pause: Press and hold to turn on/off the power.

2.Press to pause or play the music.

3.Previous track/Volume- & Next track/Volume+: Press to

4.choose the previous/next track. Press and hold to adjust the volume.

5.Mode button: Press to switch between Bluetooth mode,

6.USB flash drive mode,MicroSD(TF) card mode and AUX mode.

7.vocal cut: Press to remove vocals from a song leavingonly the background music.

8.Reverb/Echo sound effects: Press to choose the

9.corresponding sound effect.The default is the Echo sound effect.

10.Change tone: Press to switch between original, male,

11.female, child, magic sound effect

12.Built-in 7.4V/3000mAh polymer lithium battery, super long battery life, intelligent battery life.

13.100W high power, high volume, can be heard clearly even in a noisy outdoor environment.

14.Supports reverb and treble/bass ±7dB loudness adjustment, 32-level microphone and instrument volume adjustment.

15.With 2 wireless microphones, you can sing as you like within a transmission distance of 10m.


Product Description:

1.Horn: 4 inches

2.Power: 10W

3.Battery: 3000ma+1500mah(Microphone)+1500mah(Microphone)

4.Signal to noise ratio: 115dB

5.Frequency response range: 20 ~ 20KHz

6.Charging time: 3 ~ 5 hours

7.Playback time: 5-6 hours with full charge and medium volume

8.Sound source interface: Bluetooth,AUX,TF Card,USB

Built-in professional digital audio processing chip, easy to solve the treble cannot sing up, low bass singing dilemma, restore the KTV experience, make karaoke easier.


How to use:

Connect your phone via bluetooth to sing

1. Turn on the audio power: turn it on, the Bluetooth indicator will flash.

2. Bluetooth connection: Turn on the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone or TV, search for "YSD speaker", and click to pair and connect. When the connection is successful, the speaker will emit a tone, and the Bluetooth indicator will turn on.

3. Turn on the microphone: long press the microphone power, the microphone will be automatically connected to the speaker, and the microphone indicator will light up.

4. Adjust the volume of the speaker and microphone, and select the appropriate sound effect.

5. Play the song or accompaniment and start singing through the music APP of the mobile phone or TV.


How to charge:

1. The product will automatically shut down when the power is too low.

2. Use a DC 5V charger to connect a speaker or a microphone for charging.

When charging, the charging indicator will light up, and the indicator will turn off when fully charged.

3. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the speaker, and 1 hour to fully charge the microphone. A full charge can be used continuously for 3-5 hours.


Packing included:

1 * Wireless microphone speaker

2 * Microphone

1 *USB Type-C


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