WORKMAN by DIY Hardware 1300W Pressure Washer - HB21E

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Product Description

Introducing the WORKMAN by DIY Hardware 1300W Pressure Washer - HB21E, a powerful and versatile tool designed to make your cleaning tasks a breeze. With a rated power input of 1300W, a maximum pressure of 10.0MPa, and a rated flow of 4.6 liters per minute, this pressure washer offers high performance, precision, and reliability.


Key Features:

Voltage & Frequency: 220V~60Hz

The WORKMAN Pressure Washer is tailored to operate seamlessly with your power supply, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.


Rated Pressure: 6.7MPa

This pressure washer provides a powerful stream of water to tackle tough cleaning jobs effectively.


Permissible Pressure (Max): 10.0MPa

The maximum pressure capability of 10.0MPa allows you to handle a variety of cleaning tasks, from light to heavy-duty.


Rated Flow: 4.6 liters per minute

The rated flow of 4.6 I/min ensures efficient water usage and effective cleaning.


Included Accessories:

The pressure washer comes complete with essential accessories, including a nozzle, lance, gun stock, high-pressure hose, and an inlet filter, to enhance your cleaning experience.


Exclusively available at DIY Hardware stores

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