WORKMAN by DIY Hardware 600W Blower - PH2203

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Product Description of WORKMAN by DIY Hardware 600W Blower - PH2203

Introducing the WORKMAN by DIY Hardware 600W Blower - PH2203, a versatile and powerful tool designed to cater to your blowing and air circulation needs. With a robust 600W motor, adjustable speed control, and a maximum air volume of 2.8m³, this blower offers high performance, precision, and reliability.


Key Features:

Voltage & Frequency: 220V~60Hz

The WORKMAN Blower is tailored to operate seamlessly with your power supply, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.


Impressive 600W Input Power:

With a robust 600W input, this blower is well-equipped to handle various blowing and air circulation tasks, making it an ideal choice for both professionals and dedicated DIY enthusiasts.


Adjustable Speed Control:

The adjustable speed control (0-16000rpm) allows you to tailor the blower's performance to your specific requirements, from gentle air circulation to high-speed blowing.


Maximum Air Volume: 2.8m³:

This blower delivers a powerful air flow, making it effective for tasks that require substantial air volume.


Exclusively available at DIY Hardware stores

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