WORKMAN Carpet Car Floor Mat CF1901

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Introducing the WORKMAN Carpet Car Floor Mat CF1901, designed to keep your vehicle's interior clean and protected. Here are the details:


- Color: Black

- Quantity: Set of 4 pieces

- Universal Size: Made to fit most vehicles, ensuring compatibility and convenience.

- Protects Car Interior: These floor mats provide excellent protection against dirt, stains, and spills, preserving the cleanliness and appearance of your car's interior.

- Easy to Clean and Maintain: The mats are designed for easy cleaning, allowing you to maintain a tidy vehicle interior with minimal effort.

- Anti-Slip Backing: Equipped with an anti-slip backing, these mats stay securely in place, providing stability and safety while driving.

Additionally, please remember to follow safety precautions when handling and storing this product:

Store the product in a location that is out of reach of children when not in use.

Wear gloves to protect your hands during handling.

Work safely with tools by wearing safety goggles, especially if installing or adjusting the floor mats.

Upgrade your vehicle's interior with the WORKMAN Carpet Car Floor Mat CF1901, offering reliability, durability, and convenience for everyday use.

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