Zenith Grain Free Soft Puppy Chicken and Potato Dry Dog Food

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This product is the only semi-dried product with raw meat added in Korea that combines our own know-how with fresh domestic chicken breast and potatoes as the main ingredients.

You can help your dog's skin and coat health by adding salmon oil rich in omega fatty acids.

For the first time in Korea, beta-glucan can be added to help your dog's immune function, and coconut oil, levan (dietary fiber), and lysine can be added to help your dog's vital life.

By adding medium-chain fatty acids and carnitine, it can help maintain a healthy body shape through active fat metabolism.

Yucca extract can be added to help reduce the dog's fecal odor.

Chondroitin and Glucosamine can be added to help support your dog's bone and joint health.

We do not use cheap grain raw materials that can cause allergies, and we use potatoes rich in vitamin C, which is a basic substance for collagen formation and acts as an antioxidant.

Manufactured by low-temperature dry method, it helps to increase palatability and digestion and absorption, and minimizes nutrient loss due to high-temperature heating.

Contains beta-glucan, coconut to enhance the immunity of puppy.

Balanced calorie content for your active puppy!

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