Choosing the Right Motor Oil for Your Road Trip Adventure

As the long weekend approaches, many people are planning thrilling road trips to make the most of their days off from work. Some will use these holidays to celebrate Valentine's Day. But whether you’re into motorcycle riding or adventure seeker embarking on a holiday getaway with your loved one, the journey begins with ensuring your motorcycle is ready for the road. In this guide, we explore the intersection of automotive care and travel, providing you with guides on choosing the right motor oil for a seamless road trip experience.


The Essentials of Motor Oil Selection

Choosing the appropriate motor oil for your car is critical to keeping your engine operating smoothly. Engine oil serves numerous tasks, including lowering friction, and heat, guarding against corrosion, and cleaning residues from combustion. When choosing motor oil, examine the oil formula and viscosity. There are two types of motor oils: full synthetic and semi-synthetic. While the viscosity of the oil controls how smoothly it travels through the engine.


Overview of Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic Motor Oils

Synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils are two types of engine oils that provide superior performance, protection, and fuel efficiency over conventional mineral oils.

Synthetic oils are created by combining new base oil components to make a higher-performing base fluid. A full synthetic motor oil has these stronger synthetic-based lubricant components in its entirety. Full synthetic motor oils provide greater high-temperature stability or heat resistance, oxidation resistance, and low-temperature performance. It can improve engine protection, increase fuel efficiency, extend oil change intervals, and allow lighter viscosity motor oils like 0W-20 to be developed. However, fully synthetic motor oils are generally more expensive than semi-synthetic motor oils.

Semi-synthetic motor oils are a blend of synthetic and mineral oils. Semi-synthetic oil is less expensive than fully synthetic oil, but it does not give the same level of performance or engine protection. Instead. It provides a good mix of performance and cost, making it suited for a variety of driving circumstances. 

It's crucial to note that the most suitable motor oil formula and viscosity are determined by the engine's design and operating conditions. It's best to consult your vehicle's user manual to identify the recommended oil type and viscosity to avoid damaging your engine.


Considerations for Different Types of Road Trips

When it comes to selecting the best motor oil for your motorbike on a road trip, it is still recommended to check your manufacturer's recommendations, the type of motorcycle, and the climate in which you ride.

For long road trips, you may wish to use a thicker oil, such as 5W-30 synthetic, to properly protect your engine. Different road journeys, such as off-road, highway, and city, may necessitate different types of motor oil. For example, highway driving is less taxing on oil than city driving, so you may not need to change viscosities for a long highway journey. It is also important to examine the climate and weather conditions in which you will be riding. For example, if you plan to ride in extreme heat, you should use a motor oil that is specifically developed for high temperatures. 

Understanding what your vehicle requires for a lengthy trip is also crucial. Consider getting an oil change before your vacation or taking some extra motor oil just in case. Before embarking on a long road journey, you should also check your tire pressure, brakes, and other components.


Motor Oil Products

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Choosing the appropriate motor oil is crucial to more than just engine performance; it's about making sure your road journey goes smoothly and enjoyable. Understanding the differences between synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils allows you to make more informed selections that contribute to the longevity of your car and the success of your travel. Take advantage of our current motor oil deal to prepare for an enjoyable and worry-free road trip!



Bonus: Here’s a list of road trip destinations you might want to go to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

  • Tagaytay
  • Tagaytay was an obvious choice for a road trip location, particularly for couples! Tagaytay, a location only a few hours from Manila, provides a romantic getaway with its cool environment and breathtaking views of the Taal Volcano. Savor a romantic dinner at one of the ridge-side restaurants, take a leisurely drive, and explore Sky Ranch or Picnic Grove.

  • Antipolo
  • Take into consideration the City in the Sky if you're looking for a fast escape from Manila! Antipolo provides an overview of Metro Manila Lights and Artisanal Finds. Take in the expansive views of the city lights from Cloud 9, experience the Hinulugang Taktak Falls for a romantic touch of nature, and get a dose of culture at the Pinto Art Museum.

  • Clark, Angeles
  • Are the two of you foodies? Then you'll find paradise in Pampanga! Savor the regional cuisine, explore Nayong Pilipino Clark, and, if the timing is right, take in the Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival!